Oregon Chai Yerba Mate Benefits

Yerba Mate Benefits – An Ode to Energia Herbal Tea


Yerba Mate brings an earthy herbal quality to your mug. This antioxidant rich and naturally caffeinated South American creation is made from ground leaves and stems of its namesake plant. For those seeking a quick boost of energy while staying …

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Oregon Chai – Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine

Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine?


Whether you’re a once-a-day chai connoisseur or looking for the occasional Me Time treat, you might ask yourself: “Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine?” The short answer? Most of the time, yes. Let us to bring your caffeine questions to light …

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Mother’s Day Ideas for Me Time with Mom

Give Mom Calm: Mother’s Day Home Spa Treatments


This Mother’s Day spend a happy day at home with Mom using all-natural, do-it-yourself Chai-inspired spa treatments. You’ll both end the day feeling peaceful and rejuvenated.   DIY Chai Tea Candles The aroma of chai tea rivals its delicious taste. …

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Oregon Chai Tea Mood-Boosting Music

Mood-Boosting Music to Take You Away for a Moment


With a little rhythm, rhyme and a warm mug of chai, a little musical motivation goes a long way. Whether you’re listening to your favorite song, learning new instrument or writing your own melodies, sometimes you just need to mix …

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