Chai Tea Recipe – How to Make Your Own Oregon Chai Tea Latte


Oregon Chai Tea Latte RecipeOur chai tea recipes will wrap you in warmth with the perfect blend of sweet and spice. Steep yourself in the aromatic wonder of chai with our just-add-water chai tea and chai tea latte recipes.

A glorious blend of authentic spice is infused with traditional Indian Assam black tea. Enveloped with ground ginger root, clove bud, cardamom seed, cassia bark (cinnamon) and anise seed, our chai tea recipe brings the traditional South Asian staple right to your mug.


Traditional Chai Tea Recipe

1. Heat filtered water to 208–212ºF in a stovetop teapot or in the microwave in your favorite mug.

2. Steep your Original Chai Tea, Dreamscape Herbal Tea or Energia Herbal Tea for 3–5 minutes.

3. Enjoy the sweet and spice of chai.

When preparing your favorite traditional chai tea, water quality is a brewing basic. Bottled spring water or a water filtration pitcher gives the best quality taste and helps brew the tea at the proper strength. Heating water on the stove is consistent, while the microwave is quick and convenient. As long as the water reaches 208–212ºF, you’ll find yourself steeped in contentment.

For a sweeter taste, add honey, spices or DaVinci Gourmet flavored syrup before including dairy. Adding milk or cream as the final ingredient naturally insulates your tea and keeps it warmer longer.


Chai Tea Latte Recipe

1. Mix equal parts Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Concentrate and milk.

2. Heat, stir and enjoy.

Mix your own warm mug of chai tea latte by simply adding equal parts Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Concentrate and milk, or your favorite dairy alternative, such as soymilk or almond milk. Steam your milk for an extra authentic café treat. Our Oregon Chai Tea Latte powdered mix makes the perfect blend of chai with dried whole milk mixed right in.

Whatever chai tea recipe you choose, you’ll be curled up in homemade Me Time in no time.

How do you make your chai? Tell us in the comments.

<i>How do you make your chai? Tell us in the comments.</i>

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