5 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Chai Recipes


Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Chai

Halloween is just around the corner, and you don’t have a costume—how frightening! Whether you’ll be out trick-or-treating with the kids or celebrating the holiday at a Halloween party, we’ve dreamed up easy, last-minute costume ideas so you can keep enjoying your spiced chai.


Party Animal

A playful, fun costume, sure to bring out your wild side! Inspired by Long Island Iced Chai.


What you need:

-Any clothing with an animal print

-Party Hat


Bunch of Grapes

A simple, yet unique costume that will have all your friends laughing. Tip: Avoid sharp objects! Inspired by Berry Chai.


What you need:

-Purple Balloons



Rosie the Riveter

A classic cultural icon from the World War II era, Rosie the Riveter conveys strong female confidence. Inspired by Iced Chai Charger.


What you need:

-Red lipstick

-Red bandana

-Blue button-up shirt


Katniss Everdeen

A Hunger Games fan favorite, Katniss Everdeen is the definition of girl power. Inspired by Chai Power Blended.


What you need:


-Black tee

-Fierce attitude

-Bow and arrow


Stereotypical Tourist

Channel your inner dork with a Halloween classic. Inspired by Choco-latte.


What you need:

-Socks and sandals

-Large hat

-Camera to hang around your neck


What are your last-minute Halloween costume ideas to share? Comment below.

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