Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine?


Oregon Chai – Does Chai Tea Have CaffeineWhether you’re a once-a-day chai connoisseur or looking for the occasional Me Time treat, you might ask yourself: “Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine?” The short answer? Most of the time, yes. Let us to bring your caffeine questions to light and break down the caffeine contents of each of our Oregon Chai tea and Oregon Café espresso flavors.

Sometimes even coffee can get the best of java lovers and they may find themselves needing a break from the everyday pick-me-up. There is a caffeine-infused Oregon Chai alternative for the morning indulger of all energy levels.


Oregon Chai Tea Latte Concentrate and Powdered Mix

For the chai tea latte lovers, both our just-add-water Original Chai Tea Latte and Vanilla Chai Tea Latte powdered mixes contain approximately 35-55 mg of caffeine per 8-oz. serving. Our just-add-milk Original, Slightly Sweet and Sugar Free liquid concentrates contain 30-35 mg of caffeine per 8-oz. serving.

To put your caffeine intake into perspective, a regular cup of coffee contains anywhere from 100 to 150 mg caffeine per serving. The caffeine in our tea naturally finds its way into the mix, with traditional Assam black tea being the main ingredient. 30-35 mg of caffeine is what you’d find in a lightly brewed cup of Assam black tea.


Oregon Chai Caffeine-Free Chai Tea Latte Liquid Concentrate

As the name suggests, caffeine-sensitive chai lovers with a need for decaf can indulge in the same chai latte taste without the caffeine. We use herbal, organic Rooibos tea, honey, vanilla bean and traditional chai spices for a delightfully brewed latte that’s naturally caffeine free.

Also, to put it into perspective, our Caffeine Free Chai contains about as much caffeine as a cat, the warm sun shining through the window, or your favorite empty mug (so why not fill it).


Oregon Chai Original and Herbal Tea Bags

For the chai tea traditionalist, our Original Chai Tea contains about 50 mg of caffeine per serving and is made with authentic Assam black tea.

While we’re helping put to rest any chai tea caffeine questions, our Dreamscape Herbal Chai is a naturally caffeine-free, before-bedtime beverage. Made with organic Rooibos and Honeybush tea, the decaffeinated herbal chai will help sooth you to sleep and send you off to dreamland.

Energy is inherent in the name, and tea lovers in search of a spike won’t be disappointed with the caffeine content of Energía Herbal Chai. Brewed with Organic Guayusa and Yerba Maté tea, each cup contains between 110 and 125 mg of caffeine depending on brewing strength—or about the same as a regular cup of coffee.


Oregon Café Espresso Latte Concentrate

You asked for a better way to latte, and we wanted to give the best homemade buzz while staying true to our Me Time roots. Each of our Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel Espresso Latte Concentrate cartons contain the same amount of caffeine as eight shots of espresso—or 70-75 mg of caffeine per shot. Indulge in your favorite flavor with one shot of espresso per 8-oz. serving.

Visit our Oregon Chai and Oregon Café flavors section for more information on caffeine content and ingredients.

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  1. Allana P. | 

    I have been drinking Oregon Chai’s Energia tea bags for YEARS & was just told by the company that they have discontinued, not only, the Energia “strain,” but ALL of their tea bags. Does anyone have a recommendation for a “replacement” chai tea that will energize me in the morning? This tea has been my saving grace for my lack of a morning-person personality. Any and all help is welcomed and appreciated!!! Thank you!

  2. IronGumby | 

    @Allana P. Interesting… I have just discovered yerba mate and was interested in trying guayusa and then discovered this! But I guess 2 weeks too late. Drat. I wonder if Runa will come out with something… (they seem to have the monopoly on guayusa for the most part?)



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