Oregon Chai Peppermint Chai Tea to Delight in the Holidays


Delight in the Holidays with Oregon Chai Peppermint Chai Tea


Part of the wonder of the holiday season is that its magic can only be absorbed and enjoyed for a limited time. And, just like this time of year, so too has Oregon Chai Peppermint Chai Tea Latte Concentrate come to make a limited-time reappearance.

Inspired by magical moments, the Peppermint Chai Tea Latte puts a spin on our original blend of chai with a refreshing blend of black tea, vanilla, peppermint, honey and spices – perfect to cozy up to as you fill your cup with wintry “ me time” and “we time” adventures of the season.

Reawaken your taste buds and holidays memories, when you enjoy the limited-time Peppermint Chai Tea Latte alongside these limited-time seasonal splendors:

Me Time Pleasures

  • Hibernate away from the chill, and curl up by the fire with a blanket and book
  • Turn up the holiday tunes and finish wrapping gifts
  • Focus on what you already have and create a gratitude list to give someone


We Time Pleasures

  • Decorate! – gingerbread houses, cookies, your home (or all!)
  • Hike up your boots and take a walk outside, admiring neighborhood homes adorned with flurries and lights
  • Embrace a winter whiteout and channel your inner child in the snow


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