A Single Serve Cup of Chai in 60 Seconds – And 10 Ways to Pass the Time


Oregon Chai Tea Latte Single Serve Cups

Ahh. The perfect single serving of chai at the press of a button. Oregon Chai Tea Latte Single-Serve Cups are designed to work in Keurig®, K-cup® or single-serve brewing machines,* helping you create a wonderfully warm homemade mug of chai tea latte that will make anyone a morning person in 60 seconds or less.


Imagine what you could accomplish in that 60 seconds of chai anticipation time. Try a few of these and make every moment of your “Me Time” count.

Oregon Chai Fortune Teller1. Remember cootie catchers? Make your own Oregon Chai Paper Fortune Teller. See how to fold it here.


2. Mix a bowl of chai oatmeal if 60 seconds is just too long to wait. Try this and more easy chai recipes.


3. Fold an origami kitten. There’s something calming about doing something different. Surprise someone with your creation.


4. Plan dinner for the evening. What are you in the mood for? Look through the pantry and fridge and jot down your afternoon grocery list.

Need a little chai inspiration? Take a look at our dinner and dessert recipes made with Oregon Chai.


5. Meditate and clear your mind. A fresh start is always a good thing—and we’re full of them. Try some tips from the Huffington Post.


6. Whip up a pitcher of chai iced tea and experiment with new flavors using DaVinci Gourmet flavored syrups.


7. Clean out your book bag. It’s amazing how decluttering your bag can clear your mind.


8. Read the first page of a new book you’ve been meaning to get around to. Sometimes starting is the hardest part. Quick! Now’s your chance.


9. Make a list of the things you’re grateful for. Taking a step back and thinking through the positives in your life will brighten your day.


10. Try 60 seconds of yoga or your favorite workout to get pumped up for whatever the day brings.


No matter how you choose to pass your 60 seconds of Me Time, it’s always better with chai. What else would you do in the time it takes to brew a Single-Serve Cup of Oregon Chai?


*Oregon Chai has no affiliation with Keurig® Inc. or K-Cup®.

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