Dreamscape: The Tea That Makes You Sleepy


Tea That Makes You Sleepy

After all the excitement of the day, it’s time to put on your favorite pajamas, slip under the covers and drift into sleep. But sometimes unwinding is easier said than done. Drinking a hot mug of Oregon Chai Dreamscape Tea before bed calms your body and soothes the soul, so you won’t be stuck counting sheep all night.


Dreamscape tea is made from a tranquil herbal infusion of Rooibos and Honeybush, which are grown high in the mountains of South Africa. Both Rooibos and Honeybush are naturally caffeine free, meaning they don’t undergo a chemical process to remove caffeine. Without the stimulants found in black and green teas, Dreamscape has a calming and comforting effect, especially as you cup the warm mug in your hands, inhaling its sweet scent and sipping the dreamy blend.


Rooibos in particular is commonly used to help with insomnia. It has lots of antioxidants and minerals, which can regulate your mood, relieve stress and leave you feeling as relaxed as a napping cat. One study found that the participants who got the best night’s sleep stuck to a routine, which included drinking a mug of tea before bed.


So go ahead, put the kettle on the stove and enjoy a warm mug of sweetly soothing tea to take you away to dreamland. You can add to your sleep routine by writing in a journal, lighting an aromatic candle, reading a good book or doing some light stretching before bed.

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  1. Andrea | 

    I can’t find this tea anywhere! I had ordered on Amazon in the past, but now it is unavailable. Anyone know how to get some?

    • Oregon Chai | 

      Hi, Andrea! We do not make this product anymore, but will make sure the team knows the demand for it! Thank you for reaching out.

  2. Arael Seher | 

    I would love to know as well!! I can’t find it anywhere =(

    • Oregon Chai | 

      Hello, Arael! We currently do not make this tea anymore. However, we will pass along your comments to our internal team. Thank you for reaching out.

  3. Luna | 

    Love this tea! Currently making some right now lol. I can’t even find this on amazon 🙁 *sigh* it’s a really good product

  4. Becky Bodeman | 

    I can’t find this tea anywhere Help This tea helps me sleep

  5. Melissa | 

    What is the closest replacement for this blend?

  6. Jennifer Jones | 

    I just found a sample pack of this and fell in love. Only to have not a dream come true but a nightmare finding out you don’t produce this anymore! Ugh

  7. Alison | 

    Nooo! I was looking for this also! I had a huge stash of it and now I’m out. This makes me really sad, I hope y’all bring it back.



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