Yerba Mate Benefits – An Ode to Energia Herbal Tea


Oregon Chai Yerba Mate BenefitsYerba Mate brings an earthy herbal quality to your mug. This antioxidant rich and naturally caffeinated South American creation is made from ground leaves and stems of its namesake plant. For those seeking a quick boost of energy while staying clear of coffee or soda, Yerba Mate has more than twice the caffeine of Assam Black Tea used in our Original Chai tea and is said to improve focus to help you power through your busy day.

Here’s our ode to an herbal tea that’s gotten us through many a rough day.


An Ode to Energia

Drained, my spirit drifts to slumber
       Requests abound, time drips away
Lightheadedness doth encumber
       ’Tis not time nor sleep which keeps pains at bay
But senses encouraged light fires within
       Thy herbal aroma fills faults and cracks
              Enlightened is the soul, awareness surges
                       Tormenting deadlines, thy superior doth din
Energia and focus swell to clear the stacks
       5 pm, thy to-do list purges


Herbal as herbal can be, Energia brings in ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove bud and anise seed to round out the Oregon Chai flavor pallet. A single serving of Energia Herbal Chai Tea contains approximately 110–125 mg of caffeine (or about the same as a regular cup of coffee). As we often say, Energia is sure to open your eyes and focus your mind…or vice versa.

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