Dirty Chai: A recipe that’s so much more than chai and espresso


Oregon Chai – Dirty ChaiFor the chai tea latte lovers in search of new flavors or a caffeine kick, you might say a “Dirty Chai” is just for you. The name itself may sound risqué, or show signs of breaking from the norm, but that rebellious teenager in all of us can appreciate an out-of-the-box change of pace every once in awhile.

As the name suggests, a dirty chai is a new name for an old morning indulgence—of simply adding espresso shots to your favorite chai tea latte. But it’s not always that simple.

Depending on your energy craving for the day, one or two shots won’t change your favorite chai tea latte’s flavor when using our Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Liquid Concentrate. But there’s more to flavoring than meets the chai with your favorite morning indulgence. Here’s a suggestions on how adding espresso can make a flavorful anytime indulgence without getting your hands dirty.

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Traditional Dirty Chai

If an espresso machine isn’t far out of reach, preparing one, two or three shots of your favorite espresso blend brings a new buzz to the world of chai tea. With about 75 to 90 mg of caffeine contents per your average shot of espresso, your energy level is in your hands and in your mug.


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