How to Clean a Single Cup Coffeemaker and Teapot


Oregon Chai How to Clean a Single Cup Coffee MakerA clean kitchen is a happy kitchen, but getting there can be a hassle. Home baristas will agree that keeping your tea-making tools clean will ensure the best tasting homemade teas and lattes.

From our kitchen to yours, take into consideration these tips while keeping teapots and single cup coffeemakers spring clean.


How to clean a teapot

Over time, your teapot may see build up from lime or mineral deposits. Removing these are not as simple as running it through the dishwasher.

  1. Start by filling the kettle with an equal amount of water and white vinegar.
  2. Bring to a boil, then turn off the heat and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes, or until warm.
  3. Pour the water/vinegar mix down the sink and use a soft cloth or scrubbing pad to remove any deposits on the inside of the teapot. Avoid using abrasive scrubbing pads as they often have traces of cleaners and can leave scratches that allow bacteria to grow.
  4. Repeat if necessary until all deposits are removed, then wash as normal with warm water.

A good cleaning every few months will not only help to extend the life of your teapot, but will ensure your Original Chai or Energia and Dreamscape herbal teas taste as delectable as your very first sip.


How to clean a single cup coffeemaker

They’re quick, convenient and bring you chai happiness in a mere 60 seconds. Keeping your single cup coffeemaker brewing the perfect mug of chai means performing regular cleanings and upkeep every few months.

Parts of your single cupcoffee maker are dishwasher safe or can be washed by hand. Often the funnel, drip plate and drip tray are safe to run in the dishwasher. Check your coffeemaker’s user manual for details. External components can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soap.

To thoroughly clean the system, you will need to perform a full vinegar rinse.

  1. Fill the water reservoir with white vinegar.
  2. Place a ceramic mug in the tray.
  3. Run brewing cycles without a single serve cup until the reservoir is empty.
  4. Follow up with a fresh water rinse to remove any excess vinegar.
  5. Repeat this until there is no trace of vinegar left in your mug.

Voila! Your coffeemaker is ready to serve up Oregon Chai Tea Latte fresh out of the cup—single serve cup, that is. Go on, brew a fresh mug. You deserve it.

Do you have any tips on cleaning your tea-making tools? Share it in the comments.

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