Ginger Chai: Breaking Down the Benefits


Ginger Chai: Breaking Down the Benefits

Ginger root flavors a variety of delicious cuisines, desserts and beverages around the world. More than just a tasty and aromatic spice, ginger is highly beneficial to your health. The spice stimulates sluggish appetites, relieves sore muscles, manages sugar levels and helps the body absorb nutrients.

Ginger is also beneficial for your overall well-being because it strengthens your immune system. Ginger eases upset stomachs, inflammation and heart burn. The next time you brew your morning cup of chai, take comfort in knowing that your mug is filled with more than just deliciousness.

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Oregon Chai Tea Latte Original Concentrate and Original Chai Tea Bags both contain ginger, which enhances the sweet and spicy flavor of the tea. But ground ginger can easily be added to all our products to increase flavor. Simply sprinkle a couple pinches of the spice into your mug, stir and enjoy.

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