Non-GMO: Chai You Can Feel Good About


Non-GMO: Chai You Can Feel Good About

Now that spring is finally here, the sun is shining longer each day and an enchanting energy washes over us. It’s time to seize the day with games of hopscotch, multicolored tulips, picnics in the park and an iced chai in your hand. And what better way to live life to the fullest than with a mug full of chai you can feel good about?


We couldn’t be happier that the new Oregon Chai concentrate packaging will reflect this product line’s non-GMO (genetically modified organism) status. We want our customers to know that the tea they’re drinking is not only delicious, it’s also made with ingredients that haven’t been genetically modified.


We’ve always been dedicated to providing chai lovers with natural and organic teas, so our traditional recipe won’t change—just the carton it’s in. The new label, alongside the familiar USDA Organic seal on our liquid concentrate cartons, makes it simple for tea drinkers to enjoy natural ingredients, while breathing in the sweet and spicy aroma of Oregon Chai.


So next time you’re curled up with a warm Oregon Chai tea latte listening to the spring rain patter the roof or sipping a creamy iced Oregon Chai from the shade of the front porch on a sunny day, you can feel good about what’s in your mug.


Try our Spiced Coconut Matcha Chai recipe to enjoy the health benefits of traditional Japanese tea mixed with chai and a hint of coconut.

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