The best looking chai in the (tea) house


We may be the oldest chai around, but we’ve still got a trick or two up our sleeve. Like our new do?

The creamy and delicious ingredients you’ve always loved are still inside this beautiful new packaging. We wouldn’t mess with the good stuff.

The best looking chai in the (tea) house. Oregon Chai’s new packaging is here.

Stars of the show

The ingredients we use are so important to us that they even got a photo shoot of their own. You’ll get to take a peek at them every time you grab some Oregon Chai.

A memory of our roots

We wanted a little reminder of the beautiful Himalayas every time we sip on Oregon Chai.

Focused but free-spirited

Plus the mountains capture that free-spirited, adventurous attitude we love and embrace.

Even if you can’t make it to the mountains, how about a visit to the corn maze or spicing it up in the kitchen this fall?

Find an activity that keeps that adventurous spirit alive. After all, having fun is what it’s all about.

We like things easy

Don’t we all? Our new screw top is easy to open and easy to reseal.

High five

We’re the only line of chai tea latte concentrates that offers five Non-GMO Project Verified products.

Root for the home team

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Our yellow and purple pride isn’t going anywhere.

Where have you spotted our new packaging? Post a pic on Twitter or Instagram using #OregonChai.

If you haven’t seen it yet, remember you can always order online, too.



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