10 ways to spend #WeTime now.


Enjoy the crisp fall weather with a cup of chai and some more we time with these fun activities.

Fall has arrived. But winter’s coming! So sip your favorite chai and feast your eyes on 10 great ways that’ll make you want to get outside to enjoy a little #WeTime in the crisp autumn air.

1. Get lost–in a corn maze.

You’ll find your way out eventually. But first, take a moment to breathe in the scents of fall. After you find the exit, sign up for the wagon ride. Finish off your day with a chai cider. Yes, it’s really a thing!

2. Squash it with your #chaiguy.

Sure, pumpkin seeds are delicious, but to be a true fall fanatic, try some squash. Spend the afternoon in the kitchen with your favorite fellow cook and try one of the many squash recipes out there.

3. Watch a Halloween movie together.

It’s getting dark earlier now, so cozy up on the couch with a blanket made for a few and a Chai-rish Cream Latte.

4. Dress for Halloween–in five minutes flat.

Even if the party is tonight, you can still dress up. Check out these fun costume ideas.

5. Take a ghostly adventure.

Scare yourselves silly with a trip to the scariest haunted house in town. Relax afterwards with a cup of chai.

6. Mission: mantel.

Hit the flea market with a friend and a mission to add a little fall flair to the mantel. We’re thinking vintage wooden pumpkins paired with orange candles and wheatgrass.

7. Tailgate togetherness.

It’s fall, a time for football fans to do what they do best. This has to be on our must-do #WeTime list. Head to a tailgate to cheer on your favorite team.

Score a touchdown if you take along these Chai Chicken Sticks.

8. Hut Hut Hike.

Talking of football, you don’t always have to sit on the sidelines. Grab a football, and create your own game. Invite your neighbors to a join you in game of catch in the street or hike it to a nearby park.

9. Play in the leaves.

It must be done! Rake together the biggest pile you can make, then jump in them! Just kidding. Build a bonfire and invite friends over. There’s nothing like autumnal s’mores!

10. Share the love.

Head to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter for an afternoon. Spend some quality time together while helping others

What’s your favorite way to get in some #WeTime this fall? Post on Twitter or Instagram using #WeTime.

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