5 Loves of Autumn – Things to Do in the Fall


Things to Do in the Fall with ChaiAs the summer starts winding down, the thought of autumn colors and crisp cool morning air reminds you of the warm fuzzies brought on by good food, loving family and warm chai. A new autumn is just around the bend and ready to wrap you up in the warmest way. Take in all fall has to offer with these 5 things we love about the season.

1. Make a pinecone bird feeder. Treat our flying friends while indulging yourself. Gather pinecones from the yard and pick up peanut butter, birdseed and twine from the store. Settle into crafting creativity with a warm chai latte.

2. Curl up in a sweater. Break out your boxed sweaters and wrap up in the coziest one. Set up camp on your porch to embrace crisp, cool fall air or light a fire and nestle into your couch. No matter your site, a large mug of warm spiced chai sprinkled with cinnamon is the perfect companion.

3. Eat breakfast in bed. You’ll finally break all your rules and eat breakfast in bed. Add a splash of Original Chai Tea Latte Concentrate to your pancake batter to give them some sweet spice. Let fall air come through an open window, grab a good read and enjoy your flapjacks. There’s no time like Me Time.

4. Sip a pumpkin chai latte. Whether you’re watching a soccer game, driving to work or raking leaves there’s no wrong time for a pumpkin spice chai latte. Check out this easy recipe you can make at home to satisfy all your pumpkin needs. Indulging in this fall favorite will allow you a Me Time moment amidst any craziness.

5. Walk through your favorite park. Wander through your favorite city park and experience the changing colorsshades of fall. But don’t go empty handed. Fill your travel mug with warm chai mocha as you take in nature and the changing season. Just mix 4 ounces Oregon Café Mocha Latte and 4 ounces of your favorite milk in a travel mug and heat to chai perfection. As the breeze picks up, nothing will warm you like chai.

What fall activities are you are longing for? Tell us in the comments.

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