Podcasts to Pair With Your Favorite Chai Flavors


Bottled Chai on the GRass

We all lead busy lives, which means we are multi-tasking all the time! While you get ready in the morning, make your commute, or enjoy hobbies in the evening, you might simultaneously be sipping your chai and listening to your favorite podcast. We’ve compiled a list of podcasts, some new and some with numerous seasons, that pair with your favorite flavor. Make some chai, pop in your earbuds and enjoy!


The Original™ and The Stacks

So many chai drinkers love curling up with a book and some chai, and The Stacks is full of bookish goodness. In the first part of the show, the weekly guest shares the story of their relationship with reading and books. And in the second part of the show, host Traci Thomas and her guest make recommendations for your next big read.


Spiced and Girl, We Got This

If you’re looking for more spice (and not just in your chai) then listen to Girl, We Got This. Feel supported, inspired and motivated by the community of strong women interviewed by host Laticia Lee. Visitors from all walks of life are interviewed to share what they’ve learned in life through their work, family, relationships and more.


Salted Caramel and The Confused Millennial

Like your favorite flavor of chai, life is also a blend of sweet and salty. To help navigate these highs and lows, there’s The Confused Millennial. There’s no need to go it alone if you’re feeling lost when it comes to wellness, travel, finances or parenting. The podcast syncs up with the other content on the blog, so you’ll never feel like you’re missing out if you prefer listening over reading.


Sugar Free and Keto for Women

Sugar free chai is a great tool for keeping your keto lifestyle on track, as is this podcast! Learn about how the ketogenic lifestyle can be tailored especially for your body and your needs. Each week, host Shawn Mynar digs into not only the keto lifestyle, but also the relationships we have with food, eating and ourselves.


Slightly Sweet and The Simple Sophisticate

Good things don’t need to be over the top! That’s why we have a Slightly Sweet concentrate with less sugar, and that’s why we love this podcast. It’s all about working with what you’ve got to make a lot out of a little – whether that’s confidence, contentment or even your wardrobe. Listen to six seasons of wisdom on building a rich and happy life on your own terms.


Caffeine Free and The Pea in the Podcast

A caffeine-free chai latte is a wonderful treat for anyone avoiding caffeine, especially all the moms-to-be who deserve something extra special. And it’s even better to enjoy while listening to The Pea in the Podcast. It will answer all of your pregnancy questions from what to name to your baby to whether or not it’s safe to clean the litter box while pregnant.


Vanilla and Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend

A cup of sweet vanilla chai is best shared with a friend, just like the advice in this podcast. Part of living a balanced life is not taking everything on yourself, but looking to friends who can lend a hand. Sip some chai and let the experts guide you through dating, entrepreneurship, party planning and more.

Is there a favorite podcast that you like to enjoy with your daily mug of chai? We love to see your suggestions, so leave them in the comments. To see which chai flavor suits you best (and help you pick a podcast accordingly) just take this quiz.



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