25 Random Acts of Kindness for a Happier Year


25 Random Acts of Kindness for a Happier Year

If you chose to pay it forward for your New Year’s resolution, or you’re just looking for a fresh way to make the most of 2016, strive for simplicity with these random acts of kindness ideas. Research shows that you’ll feel happier too when you bring a smile to someone else’s face through good deeds.

  1. Adopt a rescue pet
  2. Bring a sick friend a warm mug of chai
  3. Make dinner for a friend who just had a baby
  4. Write someone a postcard
  5. Say thank you more
  6. Send a relative a care package
  7. Donate to a local charity
  8. Say “I love you” once a day
  9. Send someone a song to let them know you’re thinking of them
  10. Buy a drink for the person in line behind you
  11. Hold the door open for a stranger
  12. Bake enough dessert to share
  13. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  14. Help a neighbor carry groceries into the house
  15. Give someone a hug when they’re feeling down
  16. Smile at a stranger on the street
  17. Give 3 compliments a day
  18. Put your phone away and listen to the person across from you
  19. Make a friend a personalized tumbler
  20. Talk to the new person at a party or the office
  21. Leave a generous tip
  22. Call an old friend just to say hi
  23. Decorate someone’s desk at work
  24. Help an elderly neighbor with chores
  25. Cook breakfast in bed for a loved one


What random acts of kindness are you proud of? Share in the comments below!



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